We highly recommend you use OUTLOOK or some other email program that downloads your email into your computer.

Our Web email access was designed for you to access your email when you are traveling and you need quick access to it.

Remember, OUTLOOK downloads your email off the email server onto your computer.


To set up Outlook to download your email, launch Outlook:

  1. click on TOOLS, then
  2. ACCOUNTS, then
  3. click the Mail Tab,
  4. Click NEW MAIL

Then, use the below information as you go through the wizard:

  • Username is your entire email address.
  • Password is your email password
  • Incoming email server POP3 is: mail.yourdomain.com
  • Outgoing email server SMTP is: mail.yourdomain.com
  • If you are using XP, click the advanced settings and click on Outgoing email server requires authentication, and use the same settings as your Pop3 account. If you are not using XP, you will have to FINISH the wizard, then go back into Outlook then click on TOOLS/ ACCOUNTS / MAIL TAB/ Double click the account you just set up to get its properties and check the box in the Outgoing email server section "Outgoing email server requires authentication"

Email Attachments. A word of caution when using outlook. Never open an email attachment if you don't know what it is. That is how viruses spread in computers. Always be 1000% sure you were expecting the attachment and you know what it is BEFORE opening it.

If you need help setting up an email program like OUTLOOK on your computer, please do not hesitate to email us for instructions. We will be very happy to help you.